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Sabi already? November 15, 2011

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So my main form of transportation to and from school this year is a scooter.  It’s not a fancy brand, but its 150cc’s gets me around at up to 45mph.  Oh, and it’s cute as a button.  Even in the chilly rain I love riding it to and from school.

There was a time though that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to ride it.  In an effort to find a lower cost scooter I turned to the internet and found the prices reasonable at, and I  immediately fell in love with the Biella.  Once ordered it took almost two weeks to arrive, and then after working for an hour to get it out of the metal crate I discovered several problems.  First and most importantly the paperwork needed to obtain my title was nowhere to be found.  After giving up the search for the needed paperwork, I noticed that the back tire was totally off the rim, and the pale pink paint I loved was covered in some sort of resin on the front panel, making it look yellower than the paint on the rest of my scooter.

So I try calling Green Earth (and learning the real company name is peace powersports).  No answer.  I call, and call, and call.  Once someone answers, leaves me on hold for a half-hour, then hangs up on me.  Finally after days of doggedly calling someone finally answers and then rudely tells me the paint on the scooter is fine (ha!) and the paperwork will arrive separately.  So I wait. Wait. Wait.  3 weeks later the paperwork arrives and I spend the day at the BMV getting my title and tags.  I would have spent an hour at the BMV, but the paperwork wasn’t correct (of course) and I had to call Peace Powersports/Green Earth for a better part of a day to get what I needed to get my title.

My baby, before “the tow.”

At this point my scooter is legal to ride on the road and I’ve done the proper maintenance to make it ride-able, but the tire is still off the rim and it’s not going on.  I call a local scooter store (Oh Zoot Scoots, how I love thee!) and they say they can get the tire on for me and give the scooter a onceover to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  I call a tow truck and get my baby up on the back and watch it start to make the journey.

Ten minutes later I get a phone call from Zoot Scoots.  The tow truck driver said he had a “little problem” with the scooter on the way.  This “little problem” involved not properly securing my scooter, resulting in it falling (!) several times (!!!) and cracking the body in several places:

New cupholder?
Right side 😦
That used to hold something onto something.

How many miles did the scooter have on it at this stage?

yup, that’s less than a mile.  0.4, so juuuuuust the mileage required for them to walk it into the crate at the factory and for me to walk it to a parking space to work on it and then onto the tow truck.  grrrrrrrrr.  I repeat, grrrrrrrrrr.

The tow company claims they’re going to pay for the repairs.  We’ll see.  Ken at Zoot Scoots (who was so sweet and I may have a little crush on) got the tire on for me and patched everything else up enough so I can ride it until the tow company either fixes my scooter or replaces it.  I ride my baby around in her “sabi” state and actually it makes me a little less hesitant to ride.   I mean, I wasn’t going to do anything worse than what had already happened, right?


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