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Frittata and Gyoza – Bento #3 October 24, 2011

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I love eggs. Such a versatile and tasty protein, they’re beloved in our household for every meal.  An often used bento recipe for me is an old standby from, Biggie’s Stovetop Mini Frittata is a great use for veggie scraps or when you’re at a loss for a protein.  Instead of cooking them in a frypan I typically toss them in the toaster oven at 325° for about 5  minutes or so until they’re set.  These had some leftover broccoli tossed in, but really they’ll hold  just about any veggie or meat just dandy.  Toss in a couple of gyoza and carrot sticks and this is a lickety-split bento for my little hedgehog kidlet.